What is Bestchange?

    Since its foundation 13 years ago, BestChange has become a reliable partner for dozens of e-currency exchangers and a reliable tool for thousands of users worldwide looking for a fast and hassle-free monitor of virtual currencies.

    BestChange monitors exchange rates in several hundred reliable exchangers and equips you with all the information you need to select the best exchanger to transfer your money.

    At Bestchange you can see a lot of listings of cryptocurrency exchange sites. Just choose to exchange from one currency to another you will see the best sites listed at the top of the list.

    How to Faucet Bitcoin on Bestchange?

    Step 1: Go to Bestchange.com

    Step 2: Scroll to the bottom you will see a faucet box

    Step 3: Enter your BTC address in the box BTC address -> Click to verify -> Claim free Bitcoins

    You can claim 1 time every 60 minutes with 1-100 satishi. When enough 2000 satoshi money will be sent to your Bitcoin address.

    Happy earning!!!

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